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Bed and breakfast accommodation in Londonderry Monasteries

• Unique and peaceful Monastery stays like no other

• Enjoy one of a kind guest accommodation in some of the most historic and beautiful buildings in Londonderry on the doorstep of some of United Kingdom's most renowned tourist attractions.

• provides a unique opportunity for anyone to stay in beautiful Monastery accommodation across Londonderry and the surrounding area, the perfect base for a peaceful, relaxing retreat.

Londonderry Visitor information

You can walk around Derry’s walled city along the ramparts for a view of the countryside and inner city from the Gun embrasures which are armed with 24 cannons. 

Derry is great for shopping, with its main two large shopping centers and many streets packed with stores to explore. The Foyleside Shopping Centre has 45 stores and the Richmond Centre has 39 stores both national and international. 

There are many museums that can be visited whilst in Derry with a wide range of History and artefacts, some of the many include Tower Museum, Museum of Free Derry and The Siege Museum. 

The Guildhall is an incredible and beautiful red sandstone monument that can be viewed, and you can even go inside to see the stained glass and an exhibition about the history of the city. 

Wander the Bogside Neighbourhood to see the outstanding 12 Bogside murals that are a poignant reminder of it’s difficult past. 

You can visit the oldest standing monument in Derry, it’s very own St Columb’s Cathedral and you can see many artefacts from its past, portraits of William of Orange and Derry’s City Keys. 

St Eugene’s Cathedral and St Augustine’s Chapel are also interesting places to visit and are all historic buildings full of stunning architecture. 

St Columb’s Park on the right bank of the River Foyle at Waterside is a serene place to take a walk or enjoy its beautiful views, and you can even take a picnic. 


Derry is split into two main areas by the River Foyle running through the middle, known as the Waterside and the Cityside. The 2 banks are connected by 3 bridges. 

The City Centre is suitable for walking and is the best way to explore every part of the city, and this is where you will find the City Walls and The Guildhall. 

There are many bus routes in Derry to get you around the city, and the main Bus station is Foyle Street Bus Station in the City Centre. 

There is a train station in Derry that can take you to Belfast in just over 2 hours, and part of the journey takes you along the shores of Lough Foyle which has been described as ‘’one of the most beautiful rail journeys in the world’’ by Michael Palin. 

Travelling by car is a great way to get around Derry at ease and your own pace, instead of relying on Transport. 

History of Londonderry

Derry, also known officially as Londonderry, is in Northern Ireland. 

During WWII the city was an important port in the Battle of the Atlantic with ships from the Royal Canadian Navy and the Royal Navy and other allied navies stationing in the city to establish a base & over 36,000 Navy personnel were in the city during the war. 

The economy of the city was based mainly on the textile industry dating to 1831. For years women were the sole wage earners working in shirt factories and there were high levels of unemployment for men and led to male emigration. In the 1920s the industry had reached its peak employing around 18,000 people. 

In 1613-1619 Derry’s City Walls were built at the center of the historic City, with the intention of protecting the English and Scottish that had moved to Ulster. There are many Landmarks within the walls and a collection of late Edwardian, Victorian and Georgian buildings on the gridlines of the main thoroughfares leading to the City Gates. In the 19th Century, the city walls had been adapted and three additional gates were inserted – Castle Gate, New Gate and Magazine Gate. 

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