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Anyone can stay at most monasteries, as long as you respect their traditions. They are unique, peaceful, affordable and often well located places to stay.


Many monasteries run retreats ranging from a few days to several weeks, so you can re-balance your life with peace, quiet, and hospitality.


Some monasteries offer courses, which range from Bible studies to singing, sculpting, painting, calligraphy, meditation and history.

Craft & Contemplation: Products Made in Monasteries

Picture, for a moment, a medieval monastery. What probably comes to mind is an image of peace, serenity, and a simple, secluded existence devoted to prayer and contemplation. But in cenobitic monasticism, where monks and ...


Visit Venice on a Budget: Insider Tips for Savvy Travellers

Known famously as the “Floating City”, Venice has always been a city of merchants. From the banks of its canals and mudflats stretched a sprawling empire whose territory spanned from Cyprus in the south right up to the Dolomi...


Budget Accommodation in Florence: Where to Stay & What to Do

As one of Italy’s ‘big three’ artistic cities, alongside Rome and Venice, Florence deserves its spot on every Italian itinerary. But rising accommodation prices make staying there expensive. Most hotels will set you back on a...