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Bed and breakfast accommodation in Newcastle upon Tyne Monasteries

• Unique and peaceful Monastery stays like no other

• Enjoy one of a kind guest accommodation in some of the most historic and beautiful buildings in Newcastle upon Tyne on the doorstep of some of United Kingdom's most renowned tourist attractions.

• provides a unique opportunity for anyone to stay in beautiful Monastery accommodation across Newcastle upon Tyne and the surrounding area, the perfect base for a peaceful, relaxing retreat.

Newcastle upon Tyne Visitor information

Full of history, Newcastle city centre has more listed classical buildings than any other city in the United Kingdom. 

The city offers many tourist attractions, museums and historical buildings to visit such as the seven iconic bridges across the quayside. 

The city also has numerous delightful museums that combined interesting facts about the city’s history such as the Discovery Museum or the Museum of Antiquities, but there are also other museums of different interests such as the very popular Hancock museum, or lean about dinosaurs and human anatomy at the Life Science Centre or discover the 1900’s post-war life in living open-air Beamish museum.  

The Newcastle’s castle which the city derives its name from, the massive Norman fortress from the 11th century, stepping into history is a reminder of the turbulent history where armies gathered and criminals were imprisoned and executed. It is where all began in the city. 


The Newcastle International Airport offers scheduled flights throughout the UK and Europe, just 5 miles away from city center, you can travel on the Tyne and Wear metro service into Monument station which only takes 20 minutes. But there is also the bus and taxicab available for travels to the city centre. 

There are train services that run from London to Newcastle and back every half an hour, and the journey takes about 3 hours. For Edinburgh it takes only 1 hour and half and there are more trains that connect the rest of the country including those cities : Birmingham, Leeds, Bristol, Oxford, Manchester, Glasgow, York and many others. 

And of course there are many shuttled buses that link Newcastle from different cities in the United Kingdom such as London, Birmingham, Manchester and Edinburgh.  

History of Newcastle upon Tyne

Newcastle-upon-Tyne is one of the most iconic cities in Britain. The city lies along the river Tyne in northeast England. 

Newcastle was firstly recorded as Pons Aelius in 122AD, a Roman fort and bridge across the river Tyne were built.

After the Roman’s departure from Britain in 410AD, Pons Aelius became Monkchester under the influence of the Anglo-Saxon Kingdom of Northumbria. Saint Paul Monastery at Jarrow which was one of the most influential centres of learning and culture still remains today.

It was under the Norman rule that a wooden castle was built to fortify the city and ensure its advantageous position as the main crossing of the river Tyne. The city was then called Novum Castellum meaning « Newcastle » and the Norman fortress has remained ever since. 

Newcastle remained strong against the Scots invasions during the middle age, by dint of its large defensive wall encircling the town. Some part of the wall remains today especially to the west of the city.

It was during the middle age that Newcastle started flourishing from trade, the ships navigating on the river Tyne would use the Saint Nicholas Cathedral’s lantern spire as a navigation marker. The 900 years old English-Gothic-style cathedral offers sessions of worshiping and masses are held daily.

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