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Bed and breakfast accommodation in Nimes Monasteries

• Unique and peaceful Monastery stays like no other

• Enjoy one of a kind guest accommodation in some of the most historic and beautiful buildings in Nimes on the doorstep of some of France's most renowned tourist attractions.

• provides a unique opportunity for anyone to stay in beautiful Monastery accommodation across Nimes and the surrounding area, the perfect base for a peaceful, relaxing retreat.

Nimes Visitor information

Nimes is known as the "Rome of France" as two millennia ago it was one of the most important cities of Roman Gaul. It's now home to an incredible collection of Roman buildings and has got a 2000 year old temple, but also has the best preserved Roman Amphitheatre in the world, even better than the Colosseum in Rome. 

From ancient ruins to contemporary arts, the "Le Carré d’art" is a brilliant juxtaposition between the old and the new, it is striking piece of modern structure and is housing a large collection of contemporary and modern arts. 

The emblematic spot in town for locals and tourists built 120 years ago, is the covered market of les Halles des Nîmes. People come to shop, look for an exceptional product. From cheese-sellers to butchers to bakers, it is the perfect place to bsample the lovely ingredients that make French cuisine so special. There are also several bars and restaurants within, offering the regional favorites. 

Access by train

Nimes has got a railway station, which is deserved by the closest towns. You might need to travel to Avignon first and take the last train from Avignon to Nimes. 

Access by plane 

Nîmes has got one airport which only Ryanair flies to for now, flights with Ryanair can be booked all year around.

How to get around Nîmes ? 

You can easily get around Nimes by walking but if you wish to rent a bike you will need a credit card to leave a deposit.  


Pentecosts Feria is a popular traditional festival based on bullfights and bull runs. This event takes place every year from the 27th of May until the 1st of June. 

Nîmes Festival is an extensive programme of concerts in the Arena of Nimes from the 18th of June until the 24th of July.

History of Nimes

In Roman times, one of the richest towns of Gaul was Nimes. Now it is famous for its many Roman remains, which are mostly in excellent state of preservation. Nimes has got the best collection from the very imposing Arenas located in the city center, the temple Maison Carrée dedicated to the “Princes of youth”, Tower Magne the 18 meters watchtower part of the city walls, the notorious Temple of Diana and the 17th century gardens and ruins “Jardin de la Fontaine”. 

During the 10th century, Nîmes became protestant and at the time of reformation the town suffered from massive persecutions, during this period many religious building were destroyed such as the Cathedral of Saint- Castor but the Chapel was renovated and can be visited and also the amazing Ursuline temple and the Dominican temple are still standing and occupied.

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