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Bed and breakfast accommodation in Vienna Monasteries

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Gästehaus des Deutschen Ordens, Wien
Gästehaus des Deutschen Ordens, Wien
Gästehaus des Deutschen Ordens, Wien





• Unique and peaceful Monastery stays like no other

• Enjoy one of a kind guest accommodation in some of the most historic and beautiful buildings in Vienna on the doorstep of some of Austria's most renowned tourist attractions.

• provides a unique opportunity for anyone to stay in beautiful Monastery accommodation across Vienna and the surrounding area, the perfect base for a peaceful, relaxing retreat.

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Vienna Visitor information

Vienna is the Austria's Capital, and it's largest and most popular city which rapresents it's cultur, economic and political centre.
The city is also called " City of Dreams " because of being home to the world's first psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud.

So, why visit Vienna? Easy: art, music, shopping, food and excellent public services: this facinating city has a lot to offer. 

Vienna is known as well as " City of Music ": it can claim in fact, to be the home of classical music thank to artists like Mozart, Beethoven, Haydn, Brahms, Mahler, Schubert, and a lot of peolple who come to the city choose to visit their homes, or to listen to their works in the Opera House (one of the greatest in the world).

Also, not to be missed are:

-The Kunthistoriches Museum
-The Belvedere Museum
-The Albertina Museum

As mentioned above, food is also a strenth for this destination: if you think about Vienna you'll think about amazing cakes (very popular are the Sachertorte and Apfelstrudel) and hot coffe, in cozy cafes. Here, this rapresents a real culture and a unique and authentic experience. 
Of course, coffes and cakes are not the only delicacies that this place has to offer: Austria's national dishes are various. Between the classics you'll find: Wiener Schitzel, Austrian Goulash, and Erdäpfelsalat.


History of Vienna

The history of Vienna has been varied, which started when the Roman Empire created a military camp in the area that now is the centre of the city.

Vienna grew from the Roman settlement, to be an important trading site in the 11th century.
It became the capital of the Babenberg dynasty and after of the Austrian Habsburg, under whom it became one of the Europe’s cultural hubs.

Since the end of World War I, Vienna has been capital of Austria.

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